If handling all your relocation and commercial leasing projects on your own is not a part of your plan, then you could consider getting a real estate agent that specialises in commercial properties. The only thing you need to be careful of here, is to get a professional who doesn’t just understand your needs, but has the tools to meet them. Here are a few things you need to consider when looking for this person:


The journey through commercial real estate is a tough one. It’s not like you’ll be done with everything in a couple of days and can bid adieu to your agent. Even finding the right properties can take a lot of time. This is not something which you are going to enjoy if you don’t like your agent.


If you don’t trust your agent, how can you be certain that he or she is going to get you the best possible deal? It might be quite difficult to figure out who you can trust just by talking to them a couple of times, but that is a call you’re going to have to make anyway. This is where checking references can prove to be quite useful.

Conflict of interest

If the agent you’re thinking of appointing is already working for someone who has the same commercial interests as you, a conflict of interests may arise at some point. This is something you will need to be wary of from the start. It’s always best to get an agent who doesn’t have any clients with the same requirements as you. That way, you can be sure that if an opportunity ever arises, the agent will have no qualms coming straight to you.


Another very important thing which you need to look in to, is the kind of experience the agent you’re considering, has. Does he or she know what they are doing, and how long have they been doing it for? If the answer to this question isn’t satisfactory enough, perhaps you should look for someone else?


Lastly, try and find out what the agent specialises in. Agents can be classified into two categories, location and industry vertical. Try and find someone who satisfies all your requirements. This is the only way you’ll be certain that you’ve found the right person.

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