Smokers are transitioning to vaping in record numbers. While the practice emits no tobacco residue, vaping may release particulates from the smoke into the home. Common questions buyers ask include queries about whether vaping occurred in the home. For those vapers who purchased disposable vapes online may choose to sell a home. There are two steps to take in increasing the home’s value.


Combining water and vinegar serves as the perfect cleaning solution for nonporous surfaces. It helps to eliminate vaping residue for those who buy Disposable vapes online from reputable retailers. Carpets also require cleaning and baking soda is recommended by cleaning experts to deodorize carpet fibers. Scrubbing or painting walls helps to encapsulate or remove residue. Ductwork, furnace, and grate cleaning is especially helpful in removing preventing vaping residue from entering the home’s atmosphere. After cleaning, a homeowner may open the windows and turn on the furnace to circulate fresh air. After cleaning the home for a buyer, it’s better to avoid vaping indoors until the house is sold.

Professional Help

If buying a home, the seller may request a discount to secure professionals to clean a home with vaping residue. The buyer can choose to obtain professional assistance in cleaning the home, which is a good practice for any home seller.

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