Finding good quality housing in, and around, the city of Nottingham is becoming increasingly difficult, as prices continue to increase and wages remain stubbornly stagnant. More and more people are coming to the area, which is placing an increasing amount of pressure on healthcare facilities run by businesses such as and other crucial pieces of local infrastructure. However, it is still possible to find suitable accommodation in Nottingham if you conduct a thorough search, and are clear about exactly what you’ll be looking for, from the outset of the process. In this article, we’ll give you a quick guide to finding what you want in Nottingham.

Get Back to School

Typically, when you read about school provision in an article like this one, it’ll be telling you to check the Ofsted website to discover good schools for your children. What’s remarked upon less, is that if you don’t have children, it’s worth seeking out areas around struggling schools, so that you can take advantage of the low house prices that you’ll generally find there. This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s well worth taking a quick peek at the website before you make any purchasing decisions, as you could save between 5 and 10% of the price of your home this way.

Think About the Infrastructure

The next place you should look is the National Rail website. This will let you know whether the property you’re looking at is within walking distance of a railway station. If it is, and you’re willing to commute by train, then you may well save yourselves hundreds of pounds in fuel and car parking costs. However, if you’re near a station you have no intention of using, then you’re once again paying an inflated property price for a local amenity benefit that’s of absolutely no use to you. Good houses within a short distance of a primary train station like Nottingham are in relatively short supply, and there’s entirely no point in paying through the nose to be near one if you won’t be taking advantage of it.

This strategy continues to work for every imaginable amenity from shops to pubs, and bicycle parking spaces. If you’re looking for a house on a somewhat limited budget, (as most people are these days), then it makes perfect sense to take this relatively unsentimental and strict approach to your house search. It may seem very picky at the moment, but the money that you save will allow you to buy a far better property and live a higher quality of lifestyle than you would probably find yourself able to if you end up stretching your house buying budget for no good reason.

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