Being in the real estate industry means you are facing competition from all directions. You compete with other people who are trying to sell houses similar to yours or even better ones. You compete for properties that are being completed, and you compete against changing construction trends. You definitely do not want a new design to come around when you still have an old-design house on the market.

For this reason, a person in real estate must stay abreast with the trends happening in the construction industry. Currently, here a few hot trends that anyone in real estate needs to keep an eye on.

Virtual Reality

With VR and AR technology, it is now possible to actually see how a complete project will look before it even begins. The models that can be created today are better looking than in the past and decent enough to present to potential clients.

Today, many people want to make medium-term plans and are patient enough to wait for a house if the model pleases them. Real estate agents need to capitalise on this and begin selling projects when they are still in the concept stage.

Green Technology

It has been coming for several years now, but green tech is more real today than it ever was before. The world, and the construction industry, in particular, is striving to bring down the 25% contribution to greenhouse gas emissions that come from houses. Buyers want to purchase houses that are built with the environment in mind.

On the same lines, the industry is working towards houses that are resilient in the face of natural disasters. A real estate agent needs to know measures that earn construction projects resilience marks and incorporate them into their projects.


The finish of a house is a major selling point. Part of this finish is the interior decor. Real estate agents thus need to be particularly keen on how this is done. Currently, the use of wallpaper decor for walls is the in-thing. A real estate practitioner stands to gain an advantage by learning more about this art.

Knowing where to find the best wallpapers, the most qualified people to hang them, and finding unique designs will place a seller in pole position on the market. The internet is a great place to find all this knowledge.

Qualified Labour

It may not be very much known, but there is less than enough qualified labour in many countries. Labour is crucial in transforming the model of a project into reality. A real estate agent has to be confident in the labour that works on projects that they are involved in. Doing background checks and seeking reputable recommendations when hiring is crucial.

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