A good real estate agent must go the extra mile to catch the attention of potential buyers. The market is already saturated with people who claim to be in the real estate business. One of the ways that you can stand out as a real estate agent and beat the competition is by having a professional website. It starts with web design. It should be easy to navigate such that the users do not spend too much time trying to get the content they need. A good web design should also be mobile friendly as most web users access it through their mobile devices.

What to Put on Website

  • Testimonials: when people visit your website as a real estate agent, they want to see the kind of houses you deal with, and the people who have benefited from your services. You should put snippets of the testimonials on your website. This gives you credibility and makes more people want to interact with you.
  • Contact details: after people have gone through your website and liked your work, the next plan of action is always to make calls for a booking or inquiry. If you do not have a reliable contact detail, you will not only look unprofessional and unserious, but most of your potential clients will leave to find another real estate agent. If possible, you should also have your social media links where they can reach you quicker.
  • Professional photos: Image plays a significant role in real estate. It influences whether people will be interested in the buildings that you are selling. You should work with a professional photographer to take and edit the photos. Make sure that they are compressed to fit in the site so that it does not slow down the performance of your website.
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