Staging a property is a part of the sales process that many people don’t put much thought into but it can make a huge difference to the final selling price of the house or the rental yield that can be achieved. Put simply, the more difficult a person finds it to see themselves living in the house, the less they will be willing to pay for it. This can be a particular problem if a potential buyer thinks that they will have to spend a significant amount of money on improving the property after they move in.

A little time and money spent on staging a property can overcome all of these problems and it doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow some of the tips below to make the best possible impression when someone comes to view your property.

Keeping things clean

This doesn’t just mean taking the time to vacuum and tidy before someone comes over to view the property (although that certainly helps!). Removing clutter in general is important. Even if you love your possessions and the souvenirs that you have built up over your lifetime, there is every chance that a stranger will not see them the same way. To them, they may simply be items that are making it difficult for them to see the potential of the property. If there is no storage space in the house where these things can be hidden for a few days then consider renting out a storage place and keeping them there. If they’re already packed into boxes, it will be one less thing to sort out when moving day finally arrives!

Brighten up the walls

If you’ve got posters or other pieces of unframed art on the wall then spending a little money on frames can help them to look significantly better. Buying your own frames and framing the artwork yourself can help to make costs significantly lower and there are a wide variety of frames available that can help almost any print or piece of artwork look at home in almost any setting. Just be sure to spend a bit of time measuring the artwork and walls before you place an order for the frame.

Final tips

If you have the money then it might be worth painting over any particularly bright or jarring walls or surfaces in a more neutral wall colour to help calm down your spaces. The more neutral a space, the easier it will be for anyone viewing a property to imagine their own furniture and possessions in a room. By staging your home, you are making this task far easier for them and improving the chances of a sale!

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