With fairly straightforward processes for purchasing real estate in Europe both for locals and foreigners, it’s wise to be looking into diversifying your investment portfolio right about now. The current European environment allows you more purchasing power, with great real estate options available in Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Switzerland, Malta, and Greece, amongst others. What’s more, Europe is known for its diversity, both cultural and geographical. You could be sunbathing on the beach one moment, or skiing in the Alps via a super short cheap flight, the next. From super affordable properties and characteristically unique places to grand luxurious options, Europe offers something for every need and want. In this article, we will be offering insight on real estate in Europe, current trends, and what you should be taking into consideration before plunging into this exciting and rewarding venture. There’s never been a better time, so what are you waiting for?

Now Is The Time For Real Estate Investment

The rules of demand and supply continue to govern the real estate market worldwide. A number of European countries are experiencing, or are set to experience falling house prices. It is well known that with an ageing population and a decrease in the number of births, demand for housing decreases. And yet, investors continue to flock to Europe to benefit from the advantages of buying real estate there. As already indicated, some European countries are currently experiencing falling house prices, and this also includes Switzerland. With lower interest rates, the wide availability of vacant properties, and house prices in Switzerland set to fall in 2018; this offers great opportunities for investors. In Switzerland, there are many variations between regions, with more popular tourist-sought areas as well as administrative regions still experiencing increases. Now is the time to buy, especially in Switzerland, if it is something you are considering. It’s great for first-time buyers, with high salaries and more affordable prices making property in Switzerland a sought-after investment. The beauty of the country also adds to the list of plus points!

Tips For Buying Real Estate In Europe

Choosing the country in which to invest, is of course, down to your personal choice and investment goals. However, there are some factors to keep in consideration during your search. There are a few tips and pointers which can help, including researching the bureaucracy involved, as well as policies related to foreign buyers. More straightforward policies are easier to handle and more time efficient. Go beyond the usual popular towns and cities, and you will be surprised at the gems available if you do your research. Take into consideration the return on investment and see if this matches your preferences. Always clarify points on transactions costs connected to your investment, as this ensures that you get no unfortunate surprises down the line. Lastly, analyse the purchase price properly. Without a doubt, this is the best time to be investing in real estate in Europe. Go on, find accommodation in Engelberg, Switzerland, and be on your way to view some stunning properties!

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