Lighting influences the mood and design of a room. Making the right lighting choices ensures less eyestrain, which means more comfort for everyone in the room. Below are a few practical tips for homeowners.

Choose a Lighting Focal Point

The light sources in a room should not be of the same size. There should be one piece that grabs the attention of the eyes a lot more than the others. For a large room, for example, a chandelier from can be used as the focal point. For smaller rooms, you can use a distinctive floor lamp instead.

Consider the Size of Lighting

Lighting in a room should not be too big that it overpowers everything else, or too small that it gets lost in the room. You have to consider scale based on the size of the room and size and the number of furniture in the room.

Try Layer Lighting to Get a Balanced Effect

When it comes to lighting a home, layers are absolutely essential. To get the right balance, you should consider having a minimum of three light sources in each room, except for the rooms that are too tiny. You can reduce the size of the lighting fixtures and bulb wattage to accommodate more sources.

Consider Color of the Light

The shade of the light in a room matters a lot. To get a warm and cozy feeling, consider using yellow light. White light from an Led bulb can also work well, but it is usually a bit too hard as per the preferences of most people. For that, you can consider using dimmers. Dimmers also help to save on the electricity bill.

-Use Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to supply intense illumination to a specific place in a room. This setup is commonly used in the kitchen, bathroom, and office for cooking, makeup, and reading, respectively.

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