When selling real estate, it is important to create interest towards the property. The space needs to have a finished look and be clean. Also, good pictures of a staged property help the buyer to get an understanding of the space. When it comes to the viewings, the importance of staging is even higher. You can add homelike feel and make the space more inviting with furniture, but fabrics, rugs and drapery are just as important. Read further as we go through some tips how to make the real estate more inviting and easier to sell.

Present the Real Estate Properly

The location of the property cannot be altered but there are plenty of tips to use to make the property seem more upscaled and to give it a stylish flare. Do not hide the flaws but emphasise the best features of the property. Having furniture in the space makes it easier for the viewer to see the scale of the property and plan how their own pieces would sit in it. Furniture can be bought or rented just for the duration of the viewings. It is also good to have the space furnished when taking pictures and filming the property for a website viewing.

Also, more inexpensive and quicker fixes are available. Bring flowers or plants to the space to make it look more lived-in. Introduce textures with rugs and other fabrics. Rugs can also be used to set apart different areas of a large living space. Accentuate a suitable dining area with a rug or set a space where the sofa would sit nicely with a large rug in the living area. Also, take note of the used colours. For example, a green rug brings serenity which makes it neutral and suitable to everybody’s tastes. Bright colours are more vibrant and catch the eye of the viewer, and white-tones bring more light to the space.

Attract Interest

First impressions are important also when it comes to real estate. But what is the first glance that the potential customer gets of the property is not always clear-cut. The curb-appeal still holds important, but if the customer looks at pictures or videos on the seller’s website, they might start the tour at whatever point is available. Also, as virtual viewings are becoming more popular, the importance of staging is ever increasing.

Remember to also have some light fixtures in the space especially if viewing is not held during full daylight. With light, you can also accentuate the best features of the space. It is also good to use rugs and drapes to minimise the echo effect in the property and make it more appealing.

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